Sole developer or development team – the need of the hour

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What does a developer do ?

A developer takes care of the design, testing and maintenance of software programs for operating systems of computers or applications. Applications may vary from word processing to database management systems. A developer may also create software programs tailored for a specific organization or software. Eventually, it can cater to a wider array of audience.

What’s the role of a development team ?

Firstly, a development team is accountable for designing. Secondly, it is also used for building the software products needed by stakeholders. Some of  the key functions of development team members are planning, testing, analysis, programming, and many such activities throughout the duration of the project.

Why do we need a development team ?

A developer may be well equipped in his domain but need not have other necessary skills such as design, project management, quality assurance, etc. Most IT projects need different kinds of experts, some require a technical background, some don’t. To sum up, if we need to move faster, we need a deeper development team, we would either need more developers or some other non technical people.

Do organizations prefer a sole developer or a development team ?

Here, it depends from organization to organization. A startup may need just 3-4 sole developers whereas an established business may need a full fledged development team. Gradually, the team needs to be skilled to perform all the activities of a project.

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